Angleton, Texas, Juvenile Car Injury Lawyer

18 Years of Truck and Car Accident Legal Services on the Texas Gulf Coast

There are few if any personal injury law firms that focus on handling personal injury cases involving children. This is because personal injury law firms wish to help all injured victims. It is therefore difficult to locate a law firm that will provide legal services based on years of assisting injured minors.

At The Law Office of Mark B. Jones, though, we can assure you that we have assisted hundreds of children in our almost 20 years of legal practice. How? In addition to handling personal injury law, we also handle family law.

As a family law firm, we advocate for the rights of sometimes hundreds of children in a given year. As a personal injury law firm we have worked to obtain countless high-value resolutions for injured clients following truck and car accidents. The result? We are a firm that can provide supportive and understanding assistance to you and your child while working aggressively to obtain the full compensation you deserve from insurance companies.

Car accidents involving juveniles can involve car seat investigations, medical specialists, complications in determining the value of the claim and numerous other issues unique to cases involving injured children.

In the last 18 years hundreds of families have trusted us to resolve legal matters involving children. As one client recently noted following the resolution of a case, “It’s nice to know there are professional and above all caring people to represent a person going through [a difficult time]”

To contact The Law Office of Mark B. Jones following a car accident in the Angleton, Texas, area, call 979-849-8076. Our office is located just two blocks south of the courthouse in Angleton.

Angleton, Texas, Divorce Attorney

18 Years of Family Law Legal Services on the Texas Gulf Coast

For most individuals facing divorce, it’s important to work with an attorney who combines compassionate understanding with legal effectiveness, efficiency and experience.

For almost two decades, attorney Mark B. Jones of The Law Office of Mark B. Jones has provided divorce law legal services aimed at providing peace of mind throughout the legal process. At the same time, attorney Jones brings the range of experience and breadth of legal options needed for a satisfactory outcome to your family law legal challenge.

We know that you’ll need a listening ear as we work together to handle what can sometimes be highly emotional issues during your divorce. While providing personalized and understanding assistance we can also guide you to and through the dispute resolution option that is right for you. For instance, attorney Jones:

  • Is an experienced trial attorney
  • Is a certified family law mediator
  • Has negotiated family law disagreements in hundreds of cases

With years of experience litigating family law cases in court and providing mediation services to resolve disputes, you can trust our firm to pursue your goals effectively whether you choose traditional litigation or an alternative form of dispute resolution.

Attorney Jones is BV rate by Martindale-Hubbell’s peer review rating system and handles all divorce law legal issues, including child support, child custody, property division, modifications and spousal support. To contact The Law Office of Mark B. Jones to schedule a confidential divorce law consultation, call 979-849-8076. We are located just two blocks south of the courthouse in Angleton.

Angleton, Texas, Personal Injury Attorney

18 Years of Personal Injury Law Legal Services on the Texas Gulf Coast

When injured individuals first visit our firm, their first question is often “will my case be complicated and take a long time to finish?” The answer is, perhaps not surprisingly, “it depends”.

If you want to play along with insurance companies’ rules, then your case might be resolved quickly. It will still be complicated, but the insurance might skip over the complications. The problem with this route is that it can lead to a result that is a quarter or even a tenth or less of the claim’s actual value.

If you decide to work with an attorney to pursue your full rights under the law, your case might take longer to resolve, but you greatly increase your chances of 1) getting the full amount you are owed, and 2) achieving a fair result that holds negligent parties responsible.

If you wish to learn more about your case and your rights following a serious accident in the Angleton, Texas, area, contact attorney Mark B. Jones of The Law Office of Mark B. Jones. Attorney Jones has almost two decades of legal experience and has resolved countless personal injury cases for high-value sums.

We don’t just meet with insurers to see what they have in mind. We can bring in accident reconstructionists, engineers, forensic accountants and a host of other expert witnesses to investigate and build your claim. We believe it is your best interests to negotiate with and litigate against insurers from a position of strength.

We can meet with at no charge to discuss your car accident, industrial accident, workplace injuries, dangerous premises accident, medical malpractice case or other type of accident discuss your options, then provide aggressive representation. As one recent client noted, “I will say that if you’re looking for a real lawyer then I strongly recommend Mark Jones. He will not back down from a fight!!!”

To contact The Law Office of Mark B. Jones, call 979-849-8076. We are located just two blocks south of the courthouse in Angleton.